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We are a fully equipped compounding pharmacy in Brampton. Our team of licensed pharmacists and physicians are here to help with all your medical and prescription needs.

Whether you need compounded or customized medications, we have the expertise to deliver them to you in a quick, timely and efficient manner.

We offer free delivery for prescription medicine. Call us to inquire about the delivery of any non-prescription medications.

Medication Compounding

Compound medicine is a medication that is compounded on-site at the pharmacy and requires a compound prescription. Individual ingredients are mixed together by a compounding pharmacist in the desired quantities to produce the exact dose that is prescribed by the doctor.  Many doctors and physicians are using this type of custom prescriptions because of the health needs of their patients. They are also a convenient and easy way to get a customized prescription filled that may otherwise be difficult to obtain. Compounded drugs can include solutions, suppositories, sprays, oral rinses and more. Its application is used in many fields of medicine including flavoring, hormone replacement therapy, hospice, pediatric ophthalmic, neuropathies and more. It is up to the practicing physician to request the need for compounded drugs depending on the needs of the patient.

Pharmaceutical compounding is an excellent way to deliver medications that have special requirements. These can include the need for a unique does, compound or combination of medicines that must be done by a licensed pharmacist. Prescription Compounding is a practice that is not new. In fact, it has been used throughout history to produce the desired medicine in the required specifications. It has been a cornerstone of pharmaceutical practice for many years. Of course, compounding is regulated by Health Canada and the Ontario College of Pharmacists.

Quality and Convenient Prescription Filling

Whether you are looking for compound pharmaceuticals, or if you only want your prescription filled, visiting our Brampton pharmacy is the fastest, safest and most convenient solution. If you need to see a doctor, we have a walk-in clinic that is open at convenient hours to serve you better. And we take convenience to the next level by having the drug store within the same building as the clinic. That means it is easy to fill your prescription or get the necessary compound medicine quickly after you visit the doctor.

At Olde Town, we are committed to your health, and to providing you with the highest quality medical services. If you are looking for one of the top compounding pharmacies in Brampton, then call us today.

Compounding Pharmacy

girl filling prescription at pharmacy
We are located at the South East Corner of Bovaird and Chinguacousy beside Petro Canada
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